Guernica Conversations

16 June Event Poster

Democracy in Masturbation period - guest artist: Blessing Ngobeni

African Guernica by Dumile Feni - guest speaker: Siseko Kumalo

This public webinar, taking place at 11am on 16 June 2020, gives members of the public the opportunity to not only interact with the artworks in the collection, but also to gain additional insights from carefully selected guests. This webinar unpacks Blessing Ngobeni’s Democracy in Masturbation period.

Ngobeni’s works are a fusion of both terror and beauty. He works with the concept of oppression, and voices his anger and disillusionment with the failures of post-apartheid South Africa and democracy. He will discuss his empowering visual interpretations and give the audience a glimpse into his recent award-winning journey and his contribution to the art community.

This engagement will be followed by a talk about Dumile Feni's African Guernica with our guest, Siseko Kumalo, who will attempt to unearth some of the complexities and subject matter that characterise Feni's work.

The webinar will reference works by:

  1. Blessing Ngobeni
  2. Albert Adams
  3. Keiskamma Art Project
  4. Cyprian Mpho Shilakoe
  5. Robert Hodgins
  6. Deborah Bell

If you missed the conversation watch the full recording here.