Blue and Red Mary

Red Blue Mary is part of a triptych featuring the iconic image of the Virgin Mary enacted by Thando Hopa. It is part of Dingwall’s series Albus, which addresses albinism in order to destigmatise the condition and question conventional notions of beauty.

Dingwall aims to undo the usual connotations of albinism, by associating it with sacred beauty and challenging viewers to discard their prejudice against people with this condition.

This photograph shows Dingwall’s interpretation of the traditional portrait, his references to classical portraiture, and his use of colour to create drama and interest in the image and to draw attention to the rich skin tones of his sitter. 

Artwork courtesy of North West University.

Artwork Info

Justin Dingwall

Blue and Red Mary


Giclee print on cotton paper

Image Size: 90 x 70 cm