Large Crucifix

This crucifix is the central feature of an altarpiece from Hlungwani’s

church at New Jerusalem and is an important expression of the artist’s religious beliefs. He professed to having been directed by God to start his church, and to make carvings and use them in his teaching.

His use of sculpture in this context was unique in the context of African charismatic churches, and extended to the carving of everday objects such as walking sticks. The complexity of his religious understanding and observance is well illustrated in Crucifix, and his dexterity and technical skill are evident in the intricacy of the carving and the finish of the piece.

Artwork courtesy of Johannesburg Art Gallery.

Artwork Info

Jackson Hlungwani

Large Crucifix


Wood, pencil and charcoal

293 x 178 x 120 cm